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breakfast, Brunch & lunch

chef driven. fast casual. honestly sourced.

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Fuel UP with us:  7 AM to 3 PM

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We wake UP every morning with a chance.  A chance to live fully, to love, to laugh.  A chance to make new choices.  A chance to change.  UP was imagined to give us all chance to fuel our minds and bodies with good stuff.

We believe in honest food and honest people.  We believe when you cook  and serve with love, you can taste it.  We believe we can inspire smiles and that when you dine here, you'll leave ready to live it UP.  


chef knows what's up

Concept Chef, Todd Duplechain is a fan of clean, honestly sourced food that makes you feel great.  Owner of Lenoir and Meteir in Austin, he and his wife Jessica have played a pivotal role in the transformation of South Austin.  The unique Lenoir dining experience has captured the hearts of Austin diners and landed them a spot on the Top 10 list in Austin for 3 years running.

Todd is a big fan of breakfast and lunch, meals most chefs don't get to enjoy often.  His passion is evident in the UP menu.  

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our mission

To inspire you to feel your best, so you can be your best.