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making it easy to eat well and live fully.

Mike and I have both been a part of the restaurant business for decades.  For Mike, it was long nights and hardly conducive to family life.  After having Jack Jack, we looked at each other and thought- we can make it different.  We imagined a concept that people loved, could afford and that would allow other restaurant professionals a chance to grow their careers AND invest in their families.  

In addition to creating a growth opportunity for family people that love the business, we also desired to create a breakfast and lunch concept that was BETTER for you.  A place you could enjoy awesome flavors, but feel awesome after you ate too!  

Our dream formed more fully after taking a "Fit & Fierce" class from an incredible lady named Teresa (GiGi).  She re-framed our perspective on food and gave us an indispensable amount of knowledge about the ways we need to fuel our minds, bodies and families.  She's kept our energy UP, our spirits UP and our hearts lifted UP.  Cheers to you GiGi and thank you for lifelong knowledge!